Christmas Lush Haul

First Christmas Lush Haul

Huzzah! I received my first Lush Christmas goodies today from the UK. My order consisted of a large bottle of Snow Fairy hair and shower gel, Buche de Noel face cleanser, Snowcake soap, Gingerbread House bubble bar, Snow Fairy lip tint, Golden Wonder bath ballistic and a Magic Wand bubble bar. I also ordered one non-Christmas item for my boyfriend, Ice Blue shampoo! He’s in love with anything -mint (peppermint, spearmint).

I can already tell that I’ll be putting in another order for Snow Fairy (shower gel and lip tint). Reviews to come!

  • zara

    Golden Wonder is my new fave!

    Love Lush? then you may want to come and check out my review of the golden wonder bath bomb :)