Lush UK Order

First Lush UK Order

My first Lush UK order arrived in the mail today, yay!

Here’s an unboxing of my first UK purchase:

This box smelled amazing. Not even joking.

Huzzah, the new Lush Times!

Here’s a shot of the samples I received.

I requested the following if they were available:

  • Rub Rub Rub
  • Dream Cream
  • Rockstar

I received:

  • Dream Cream
  • Rockstar
  • Honey I Washed The Kids
  • Vanilla in the Mist

Thank you for including what you could, Lush UK! Super appreciative of any and every sample!

I also received a shampoo bar tin, massage bar tin and body butter tin.

I bought Ultra Bland and Enchanted Eye Cream for my mom as part of her mother’s day gift. She hasn’t tried Lush before so I’m using mother’s day as an excuse to spoil her. I’m also planning on buying her some Skin’s Shangri La, Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze and a wrapped gift set (maybe Hello Gorgeous? Not sure yet!).

These two bad boys were the source of joyous scents emanating from my box. On the left is a Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and on the right is a Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb. I also wanted to purchase a MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt but my package would’ve been in the higher bracket weight level and I would’ve had to pay more for shipping. It’s on my list for next time!

I’m one of those people that forgets what they order sometimes so when I saw these two packages, I was confused. These don’t look like shapes I can take with me to the bath…

A-ha! Lush Canvas bag and It’s a Wrap! It’s a Wrap is going to be so helpful while traveling. It’ll keep all of my Lush goodies together and organized. The Lush Canvas bag is a good size and is made of a 100% organic cotton that seems quite sturdy.

Group photo! My first Lush UK order was a success! Everything was packaged nicely and made it to the US in one piece.