Mini Lush Haul

Mini Haul with It’s Raining Men Shower Gel

Hurray for Friday! I was treated with a few new goodies today at my fave local Lush at Universal City Walk. Every product I picked up today is new to me and will be added to the Upcoming Reviews section. My mini haul consisted of: It’s Raining Men shower gel, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Sweetie Pie shower jellie (which is my new favorite scent!), Honey Trap, The Sacred Truth fresh face mask and two toner tabs, Token to the Forest Gods and Vitamin E. One of my fave SA’s also packed in a few awesome samples (whoo! Lemony Flutter among other things).

The lovely bf has agreed to do the fresh face mask with me so we’ll let you know how that goes!

  • Lindsay

    Haha, yes, Savannah and I have definitely been here before… So glad you're enjoying all of your stuff! Please send pictures of your bf using the mask! 😀