A Few Birthday Gifts for Mom

Here are a few items I picked up for my mom’s birthday last weekend.

Have you ever brought your mom to LUSH and they consistently hint around at certain products they want but don’t buy them for themselves? My mom has done that on the past two occasions so I took the hint and got her a few things.

She’s always expressed interest in the fresh face masks, especially the edible smelling ones (Oatifix and Cupcake). I elected to pickup Oatifix as it is more applicable to her skin type than Cupcake. I also got her Tiny Hands and a Body Butter Tin for her to bring to work.

I’ve heard really great things about Full of Grace and that many people use that as their main facial moisturizer. My mom loves to try all of the LUSH moisturizers (Gorgeous is her favorite so far) so she was excited to give this a go.

I wanted to pickup a facial cleanser also but wasn’t quite sure what would work best for her so I just asked for a sample of Fresh Farmacy. My mom has tried Herbalism and Buche de Noel before but I don’t think either were really right for her.

I’m excited to see hear what she thinks about all of her gifts when I visit her this weekend. She’s sure to give me a full report and I’ll let you guys know what she says!