Lush Cosmetics Caca Rouge

Caca Rouge

Spontaneous Caca Rouge time! This was my third time using henna hair color from Lush. It’s definitely not an easy process to apply the henna and it is quite messy. Part way through henna’ing my hair, I always realize that, although my hair is thin, I have a lot of it. Now that I’ve been growing my hair out, I’ve had to throw in an extra block as well.

I used the juice of two lemons, some water and four blocks of Caca Rouge heated over a double boiler until it reached the consistency of a nice paste. The results are amazing and B can’t stop commenting about how much he likes the color. Plus, my hair feels healthy and soft. It’s a pain to do but the results are great!

  • TheRitzyFlapper

    how would this work on medium brown hair? :)

  • me not you

    Will this cover grays