Lushaholic - LUSH City Walk 'A Million Kisses' Lip Tint

LUSH City Walk Valentine’s Day Party Recap

LUSH held their Valentine’s “Lots of Love” party earlier today on Saturday, February 11. It was full of awesome Valentine’s themed goodies and activities. Luckily, I was able to visit my local shop at Universal City Walk and see some of my favorite associates that I haven’t seen in awhile.

To sum it up, this LUSH party was the best I’ve attended so far. It was well promoted, organized and fun. I actually was planning to just pop in to say hi, grab ‘A Million Kisses’ lip tint and my goodie bag and head out but the awesome demos and atmosphere kept me at the shop for about an hour!

Party Pictures

Party Recap

Walking up to the shop, you see a few perfumes stationed outside, red heart balloons, VIP rope and red carpet, complete with Kate and her clipboard of RSVP’s. If you’ve RSVP’ed, you get a heart sticker to wear in the shop as you move around from demo to demo. A few of the demos included a create your own ‘Love Potion’, a ‘Hot Lips’ area with Best Smooch contest and a fantastic hand treatment section (with a menu of various treatments to choose from). Inside, there were yummy looking vegan cupcakes and refreshments.

I ended up purchasing a few more things in addition to my ‘A Million Kisses’ and B even bought a bath bomb for himself (I’ll post those photos and breakdown in the next post). Naturally, I wanted to purchase everything I could get my hands on but that just wouldn’t end well (for my wallet at least). Ooh and the goodie bags were awesome and filled with a good sample assortment! I love getting samples, they’re a great way to try new things and also make the perfect travel size for short trips.