LUSHaholic - Easter Party

LUSH Universal City Walk EGGS-cellent Easter Party Recap

LUSH stores in North America held their Easter Party this past Saturday, March 30th. If you didn’t get to attend your local party, continue reading to experience it with us!

Party Pictures

We love attending the party’s at the LUSH City Walk specifically for the various activities, wonderfully fun and energetic associates and of course, the amazing products. Unbelievably enough, the parties at City Walk seem to be progressively getting better and better. This was a very special party for us here at because Joey’s cocktail, Venice Peach, was the featured treatment!

Easter Products

They hired a magician for the day who entertained all of the folks in front of the store and walking by at City Walk. After walking in, you’ll notice the first table displaying the Easter goodies that they had left. This location actually sold out of the Immaculate Eggception bath bombs and Carrot Top bubble bar prior to the party due to their popularity. I was able to pick up one of my favorite scents, sweet smelling cotton candy, in the Fluffy Egg bath bomb. I wasn’t able to decide between the Bunny or Chick knot-wrap (both are adorable) so I ended up purchasing one of each.

Venice Peach

Another section of the store had Joey’s cocktail, Venice Peach! We were both extremely excited to see the whole display and even more ecstatic to see that they had attributed the cocktail with Joey’s name and our website! We definitely weren’t expecting that and are thankful that they included us that way.

There were also a few yummy refreshments at the party. Along with the strawberry and orange flavored water, Natalie made some wonderful (and I think Vegan) carrot and coconut mini treats. They were delicious and I’d often find Joey nom’ing away at them throughout the party.

Giveaways and Contests

The party also had a drawing for a chance to win an awesome bundle that included each Easter product. In order to win, you’d need to correctly guess the amount of carrots they had in a display. You also had the opportunity to win more “guesses” by pulling a duck from the duck pond. Each duck had a number on the bottom that corresponds to the number of additional guesses you’d receive. My duck’s bum had a 1 on it and I was able to add an additional guess to the drawing. Sadly, Joey’s duck had a big fat zero on it so his first guess was his only chance.

Before we left, we also participated in the last giveaway which was a timed mini scavenger hunt in a few of the surrounding stores followed with a knot-wrap challenge. At the end of the party, the person who completed all of it with the shortest time would win… And do you know what they would win? A private party at LUSH with friends! That’s worth about $150+ plus a lifetime of joy. You can bet that Joey and I were running around Universal City Walk trying to complete it quickly. I’m not sure if they announced the winner yet but, oh gosh, I’m crossing my fingers it’s one of us. It would be amazing. The scavenger hunt itself was definitely fun and different. I absolutely love that they think outside of the box for their activities.

Thank You!

Big, amazing hugs and shoutout’s to Lindsay, Kate, Camila, Natalie, Wendy, Brittany and Meghan for being awesome. As always, LUSH City Walk, we love your parties! Keep doing what you’re doing.