LUSHaholic - Joey

The Making of Venice Peach

Today we have a very special guest post from Joey, the other half of LUSHaholic and our unofficial photographer. At the LUSH Easter Preview Party we were invited to create a cocktail that would be used for the EGGS-cellent Easter Party this Saturday. Joey’s cocktail, Venice Peach, won and will be featured at the party. The following post is a take on his experience.

Angela and I went into Lush as that is my treat to her after a long week at work. I enjoy seeing her excitement whenever she’s at Lush, but I didn’t truly understand her love for Lush products – today, I started to get it.

We know some of the people there and we are always happy to see them. At the time they were doing a contest to see who could create the best cocktail. I thought I was just going to go along for the ride, but Kate’s excitement rubbed off and I wanted to participate in the contest. I figured that I had a good sense of smell and that it might be fun to see what I could cook up.

Another thing that made the experience so good was that Kate was so helpful. I knew the scent I was going for and she made it easy for me to create it. She knew all of the products and their ingredients. I would ask for a particular scent and she would run across the store and come back with a few products to choose from.

I’ve learned that our olfactory system (sense of smell) goes directly to a part of our brain called the cortex without having to pass through the thalamus. What does that mean? Well it means that smells can elicit powerful emotions.

I wanted to be transported to a beautiful day at Venice Beach. When I think of Venice, I think of incense, salt in the breeze, suntan lotion, and freshness. When Kate brought the ingredients for the cocktail and we applied them to our hands, I knew right away that we had a good mix. Because the mix had hints of peach, we called it Venice Peach.

Thanks to Lindsay and everyone at the Universal City Walk Lush for always making us feel special. See you at the Easter party where Venice Peach will be featured!

Stay tuned for a post dedicated to the Venice Peach cocktail!