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Should I Stop Using Big Shampoo?

Ashley M. asked:

I just recently purchased Big shampoo, and am at a state where I don’t know if I should continue using it or exchange it for something else. After using it, my hair instantly felt like I just walked out of the ocean and started to knot up, so I immediately applied conditioner, which got it back to normal (I always HAVE to have my hair soft). I did get a little bit of volume, more than usual on my fine, limp hair, but nothing dramatic. My biggest concern is the drying factor and the fact that the main ingredient in the product is salt. The woman helping me at the store told me it was good for your hair, but I don’t know if I believe that. I’m trying to grow mine out, and want to protect my ends and scalp as much as possible.

Should I switch shampoos, and if so, what would you recommend? Also, what is a good hydrating and softening conditioner since I haven’t tried one out yet?

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your question! This is actually a common concern among new Big shampoo users.

I wouldn’t recommend using Big as a daily shampoo but more like a clarifying shampoo that you use occasionally (maybe a couple times a week or when you feel the need for a good squeaky clean). As far as shampoos go, you may want to incorporate Seanik or I Love Juicy into your routine as your daily shampoo with Big used every now and then for a super cleanse.

Also, you’re right about the conditioner. It’s important to use a good conditioner after washing with Big to ensure that you retain the softness. The conditioner I’d recommend depends on your hair type and level of conditioning you need but Veganese (least conditioning), American Cream and Retread (most conditioning) will all work well after Big. I tend to favor Retread as my conditioner because my hair tends to dry out and get damaged easily (plus, I’ve got leftover damage from pre-LUSH days).

I hope that helps! Do you have any suggestions for Ashley? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sanaa

    I have been using Lush’s BIG shampoo since 3 years and I love it..It is just remarkable for my hair. My hair is fine and needs to be washed everyday otherwise it gets oily. SO I use BIG everyday. My question is everyone says Sodium Laureth Sulphate is very bad for the hair in the long run and that is the main ingredient of BIG, should I be worried. If no, why?

    • Corey

      “We choose to use SLS and sulfates because they have a long history of safe use, and feel like they are extremely effective lathering agents. This helps our products work better, and makes them the most economical as well, because a little bit goes a longer way, making products last longer.
      We definitely understand that which ingredients people choose to use or avoid is their choice, and this is one of the reasons that we do our best to be as transparent as we can when it comes to product labeling. We list our products’ ingredients on our website, in our shops, and in the LUSH Times newspaper. This way, our customers can make educated decisions about our products.”

      – a company response to a question regarding sulfates in their products

      • Claire Welhoelter

        Sodium lauryl sulfate as well as other sodium sulfates are not only detrimental to your hair, but to your skin. Applying it directly to the scalp, it acts as a barrier to nutrients and seeps through the skin into the body. The FDA sees no problem with this because of its abundance and that it doesn’t show “immediate harm.” True, lush does what they can to fight animal testing (although most of the ingredients used have already been tested on them anyway), but they shouldn’t claim to have “natural” products when only an extremely limited selection has organic ingredients.

  • Jess

    I am also trying to grow my hair out and i use New shampoo (that has cinnamon to promote hair growth) and Big conditioner. I have defianly seen a difference in the length of my hair. My hair had to get used to the combination of product but after about a week or two my hair is soft and more beautiful than ever! Big conditioner does take some practice getting on your hair (i have the solid one). I also dont have to wash my hair as often as i had to with other products with chemicals. I love lush!

  • Jess

    Oh another thing.. My mom had a problem with dry hair and they gave her a sample of R&B leave in conditioner. Maybe you should try that

  • Dylan

    I cant open the bottle , any tips ?

  • Tang Zhu

    I used big and made my coloured bleached hair looking frazzled and crispy. Not good . I would use honey I washed my hair ” or “brazilliant” shampoo bar and retread ,if your hair is extremely dry you can use a bit of queen bee ,works wonder