LUSHaholic Dragon's Egg and I Love Juicy

Show Your Appreciation with LUSH

B picked up a few new (to me) goodies to add to the ‘Upcoming Reviews‘ list. I mentioned to him that a lot of you guys like Dragon’s Egg bath bomb (Mrs. Whippy, Twilight and a few others were also honorable mentions) but I’ve never tried it so he got one of those. He also got me a small bottle of I Love Juicy shampoo to review.

While talking with Brittany over at LUSH City Walk, he discovered that Karma is the scent of LUSH and he was surprised that I’ve never tried anything with that scent so he also picked up a sample of Karma soap.

B lovingly bought these for me on ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ even though I’m not his employee but I do help with his business.¬†Yes, I know, he’s a keeper.