Lush Lip Scrubs for Flaky Lips

Smooth peeling and flaky lips with Lush lip scrubs and lip balm

Peeling and flaky lips can be caused by a lot of different things such as the weather, dehydration, sensitivity to ingredients in lip balms, medications or other medical causes. Lush lip scrubs, in combination with their lip balms, can help hydrate and smooth your chapped and flaky lips.

Here are a few tips to help control dry and flaky lips:

Stay hydrated

Despite the claim to drink six to eight glasses of water a day, eight has never been proven to be a magical number, it’s merely just something to strive for daily. Everybody is different and its up to each one of us to listen to our bodies. Although drinking fruit and vegetable juices, soda, sugary drinks, tea and coffee will contribute to your hydration, large amounts of them may be detrimental. The caffeine that is sometimes present in these drinks often make people urinate more. Your best bet is always water!

Exfoliate your lips

If you often keep your lips covered in balm or salve, your lips may have a build up of dead skin because it is not being properly washed off. This is where the lip scrubs come in handy. Lush lip scrubs are made with castor sugar, a fine grained sugar that provides just the right amount of exfoliation without being too harsh. They also have organic jojoba oil which aids in conditioning and moisturizing the lips while you exfoliate.

Lush lip scrubs are fun and easy to use, especially if you find a flavor you love (my favorite is Bubble Gum).

  1. First, make sure your hands are clean.
  2. Then simply apply a little bit of the scrub onto your lips, rub with your finger or move your lips together.
  3. Then, you can simply lick the lip scrub off for a sweet treat!

Lush lip scrubs

Here are the three Lush lip scrubs available year-round:

Don’t irritate your lips

It’s important to find a lip balm or salve that doesn’t irritate your lips. Sometimes this is the hardest part as some ingredients effect people differently. Although one lip balm may work wonders for your best friend, it may not be the best for you. Don’t take this list as ‘definitive avoid’ rules, just know that these are the most common irritants and it may or may not effect you!

Here are a few ingredients to look out for as potential irritants:

  • Fragrances, artificial colors and alcohol
  • Menthol, camphor and phenol
  • Salicylic acid
  • Aloe butter and Vitamin E

Below is a list of moisturizing ingredients that help heal, soften, serve as antiseptics, and retain water:

  • Beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter
  • Olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil

Lush lip balms

Lush has four great lip balms (one is also vegan) that help protect and moisturize your lips after you exfoliate.

What’s your favorite Lush lip scrub and lip balm combo?

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