Lushaholic Rating System

The Lushaholic Rating System (LRS) is based on the Robert Parker wine rating system.

Products are evaluated on a 50-100 point scale.

  • Every product begins with a base of 50 points.
  • Color and appearance account for an additional 10 points.
  • The aroma and bouquet of the product prior to use may warrant an additional 10 points.
  • The effectiveness of the product in fulfilling what it claims to do accounts for another 20 points.
  • The remaining 10 points are awarded accordingly to the product’s lasting impressions such as lingering scent, softness and predicted length of use.

96-100 / Exceptional

An exceptional product of the highest quality that embodies and exceeds all of Lush’s values. This product fulfills the uses Lush has set out for it and additional ones beyond that. Products of this nature are worth spending on.

90 – 95 / Outstanding

An item in this range displays exceptional freshness, character and value. Items with this rating typically fulfill almost all (if not all) of Lush’s values.

80 – 89 / Above Average

An item in this range displays various degrees of freshness and effectiveness as well as character.

70 – 79 / Average

An item in this point range displays average performance. It is usually a product with little distinction other than being soundly sourced and produced.

60 – 69 / Below Average

An item in this range scores as one below average with flaws. This product typically does not or barely fulfills its projected uses.

50 – 59 / Unacceptable

A product in this range is deemed unacceptable according to Lush’s stated beliefs, fulfilling none to nearly none of their stated beliefs.